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Domestic Violence in Texas

Published: Nov 17, 2020 | Category: Uncategorized

The Honoring Texas Victims report presents an annual fatality review of women and men killed by intimate partners in Texas. It pays tribute to the Texas women and men who lost their lives by memorializing their story with an account of their death. The full report offers analysis of data drawn from these tragic stories and to help communities identify and analyze distinguishing characteristics of these cases and to create a safer Texas.


In 2020, the conditions of the coronavirus pandemic increased isolation and economic stressors that compounded the impact of abuse, including frequency and severity of violence. TCFV documented the highest number of intimate partner homicides in the last decade; 228 men and women were killed by their intimate partners. Intimate partner homicide perpetrators also killed 31 family, friends, and bystanders and injured 17. Annually, the Texas Council on Family Violence identifies men and women killed by their intimate partners to both honor their memories and raise awareness. We hope this review elevates community conversations, collaborations, and commitment to
domestic violence prevention and intervention strategies.

VIEW FULL REPORTS HERE: https://tcfv.org/publications/ 


In 2019, 185 intimate partner homicides occurred in 62 Texas Counties: 150 women were killed by their male intimate partners, 31 men were killed by their female partners, and one woman and three men were killed by same-sex partners. Intimate partner violence deeply impacts communities, profoundly altering the lives of children, family, friends, and neighbors. In addition to killing their intimate partners, family violence offenders killed twenty more victims and injured six other victims.


VIEW FULL REPORTS HERE: https://tcfv.org/honoring-texas-victims/


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