Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault
24 Hour Crisis Hotline:

(936) 441-7273

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Línea directa de crisis para casos de violencia
doméstica y agresión sexual las 24 horas:

(936) 441-7273

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Emergency Shelter: Sheltering Oaks

For immediate shelter access, call the 24-hour Crisis Hotline at (936) 441-7273

  • Collect calls are accepted.

Para acceso inmediato al refugio, llame a la línea directa de crisis las 24 horas al (936) 441-7273

  • Se aceptan llamadas por cobrar.

For the safety of our residents, the location of our domestic violence shelter is confidential.

Please call our Crisis Hotline to speak with an advocate if you are in need of emergency shelter (936) 441-7273.

Our confidential domestic violence shelter provides a safe haven for thousands of adults and children annually.

The facility includes:

  • a large common area and dining room
  • a multipurpose room with computers for client use
  • a teen room
  • a children’s play room
  • an outdoor playground
  • an outdoor sitting area

While the shelter provides clients with necessities, such as clothing, toiletries and food, it does much more than that. Our shelter advocates are specially trained to assist clients in achieving their goals, providing crisis intervention, case management, safety planning, information, and referrals (e.g., for housing assistance, etc.). Clients are also encouraged to participate in a range of weekly support groups, life skills classes (e.g., on parenting, budgeting, nutrition, etc.), and individual, family and children’s counseling. Finally, residents also have access to our staff attorneys, who may assist them in applying for protective orders and divorces.

Children, Teens, and Pets

Many times, clients are conflicted about coming into shelter because they are worried about the safety and care of their children or pets.

We understand that children who witness abuse are at a higher risk for future intimate partner violence relationships, bullying, health concerns and more, so, while they are in our care, we utilize an educational curriculum about healthy relationships and behaviors and tailor it depending on the age and needs of the child. Additionally, our children’s advocate and counselors are specially trained to provide support to youth, including helping them re-establish healthy bonds with their non-abusive parents. We plan special activities for youth, depending on their ages, and several of our grantors make it possible for them to attend summer camps, take field trips, and have other experiences that allow them to just be kids. The children, adolescents, and teens at our shelter are very important to us!

We also recognize the importance of providing a loving and safe atmosphere for our clients’ pets. Since we do not want this to be a barrier to escape for any victim/survivor, we have partnered with the following organizations:

Houston PetSet


Houston SPCA PetSafe

Residential Aftercare

Our goal is to help shelter residents obtain permanent, safe, and affordable housing and a means of financial support, as well as reduce or eliminate other barriers they may face after leaving the shelter. Upon discharging from the shelter, clients are encouraged to enroll in non-residential services, including support groups, counseling, and life skills classes, etc.

To learn more about our agency’s history, mission & philosophy click here

Family violence and sexual assault are nondiscriminatory, and victim/survivors come from all cultures and beliefs. We provide a broad range of direct services to victims/survivors. Our shelter services are provided at no cost.

What Montgomery County Women’s Center

Means to Me

I used to think I was alone in the world and that nobody would understand that I was an outcast – that I’d be the one to stand out in a sea of people. Then I finally told someone my story. I found the women’s center – a place for my voice to be heard, a place where I found my voice, a place where people understand me more where the weight on my shoulders wasn’t so great – a safe place – the first place I genuinely laughed and smiled – a place to cry where no one judges. “Broken wings will heal and one day you will fly again.”

-- Stephanie
Teen Space Support Group Participant

The Montgomery County Women’s Center came into my life when I needed it the most, but I didn’t know that at the time. Being in an abusive relationship you think that YOU were doing something wrong or you can “fix” them. When I started to hear the patterns and then see the patterns, I knew I needed to change something. That change ended up being hard but they were with me through those hard times. I can honestly say that I’m in a better place now because of the work they did for me and with me.

-- Rob
High School Teacher

The Women’s Center plays a critical role in restoring the lives of individuals in our community. As an advocacy agency they continue to contribute to assisting without placing judgment or expectations upon those who are in need of their services. It is a true example of how lives can change when a combination of understanding and compassion meet.

-- Amber Dana
Community Partner/Advocate

If one year ago today you told me I’d be coming to a teen group & a part of the Youth Advisory Committee I’d look at you crazy. I never thought I’d be happy again. The Women’s Center has given me hope, courage, support. A place where I know I have a voice, where I know I can be open; truly. I can now say I’m a strong individual; I can set boundaries. I am more than what happened to me, I’m stronger, I’m better. Being a part of this group has helped me see my worth. It has changed my life for the better.

-- Samantha
Teen Space Support Group Participant

Montgomery County Women’s Center means empowerment, courage, love, & stability. The people here don’t pity me but they share empathy with me; they hear me. The counseling at has helped so much. It has helped me understand that it wasn’t my fault and to take control of the situation. It’s more of a safe place to let all my thoughts out.

-- Daisy
Support Group Participant

The Women’s Center has been one of the biggest blessings of my life. At the shelter I felt safe and was given resources to be able to stand on my own – away from my abuser. Then at Reaching Pines, I feel very supported and appreciate learning how to protect myself and notice red flags in future relationships.

-- Susan
Reaching Pines Resident

The Montgomery County Women’s Center is truly a life saver! The services provided are just invaluable. There really are no words to express my appreciation. The material covered through the Personal Empowerment Program classes is very well put together and I feel so fortunate to have been able to attend and gain knowledge.

-- Ashley
Domestic Violence Education Class Participant

For my students, The Women’s Center opens up a conversation about topics that are not always easy to address. It provides impactful information that can be eye opening and new to some, but very emotionally relevant to others. They then can take this information and related issues into their future work place, home, relationships. It can teach them what a healthy relationship is and what red flags to look for. Having the Outreach Team come speak to them is a wonderful teaching tool.

-- Susie
Sam Houston State University Professor

To the community Montgomery County Women’s Center means fellowship. It give us an identity and strength. It provides a reason to come together and work for a purpose and to surround each other with support.

-- Courtney
Sam Houston State University Professor

To me, The Women’s Center means the ability to start over on my own. It means new found freedom and assistance. To the community it means HOPE.

-- Jasmine
Counseling Client

For me, The Montgomery County Women’s Center is a lighthouse where there was once darkness. It is a place of healing.

-- Doris
Counseling Client

My volunteer experience has been so positive. Everyone who I come into contact here, every staff person, has been so helpful. It has made my experience very supportive. Being able to look back on the last two years and think about how many hours I’ve been on-call and how many people I’ve been able to talk to, it’s such a good feeling. Knowing that I’ve made a difference in my community and, hopefully, in the lives of those survivors is the best feeling and an amazing experience.

-- Sharon

The Montgomery County Women’s Center helped me realize the impact I can make in another’s life with only a few words!

-- Jamie

The Montgomery County Women’s Center means education. They provide the most comprehensive training for volunteers to be ready on their first shift. I am learning everyday through my work with them. My mind is more open.

-- Scarlett

The Women’s Center means the realization that as a community we are not doing enough to protect, believe, and empower survivors. By supporting the center I am able to change that.

-- Justin

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