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Featured Jobs & Internships

Resident Advocate

Montgomery County Women’s Center- Emergency Shelter serving victims of domestic violence and sexual assault is hiring part time Resident Advocates.

  • Texas Driver’s License & Clean Driving Record (Required)
  • Provides crisis intervention assistance to residents and prospective residents
  • Answers Hotline and business line and conducts telephone assessment interviews and intake/exit processes
  • Provides referrals when Shelter is full or when client is not eligible for services of MCWC
  • Makes emergency referrals and provides information to residents regarding services of staff and volunteers
  • Advocates on resident’s behalf to obtain needed community services
  • Orients every new shelter resident on all aspects of shelter life
  • Facilitates conflict resolution between residents as needed
  • Oversees the safety, security and general welfare of residents during assigned shift
  • Provides transportation for clients, as needed
  • Attends shelter and MCWC staff meetings
  • Conducts routine emergency procedure drills with residents
  • Assists in monitoring food and supply inventories
  • Assists with cleanliness, safety and facility repairs
  • Other duties as assigned
  • Part-time
  • 8 hour shift
  • Night & Weekend Shifts

Clinical Internship

Thank you for your interest in being an intern at the Montgomery County Women’s Center. See below for some information about our program and the requirements for it.

  • All of our interns must come from an accredited college or university, and be a second year student in a Counseling or Social Work program. We are affiliated with a number of educational institutions, but if we are not affiliated with your school, we will go through the process and paperwork of doing so.
  • All students interested in being an intern at our agency must fill out an intern or volunteer application, (on our website) prior to being considered for an internship at our agency. A background check will be done on each candidate.
  • We will set up a time to get together for an interview and discuss the program, your qualifications and answer any questions that we each may have.
  • The hours at our counseling office are M,T,W,Th from 8:00am – 8:00 pm and F 8:00am – 5:00pm. All interns must be available one-two evenings for groups or later clients. We do not have weekend hours- I realize that this will limit some of you in terms of being able to intern with us. I am sorry for that. Most interns are here 16-24 hours/week.
  • We have group supervision on Thursday @10:00 am – 11:00 am (everyone must attend this). This is in most of the contracts that we have with your schools. We also will have 1 hour each week of individual supervision, we will set up a time for that when we do schedules.
  • Our staff meetings are on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of each month @ 12:00pm. We have speakers, go over any agency changes that impact us, and do a clinical staffing on some of our more challenging cases. While this is not mandatory (bc of class schedules), it is highly recommended. If you do not have classes, there is an expectation that you will attend.
  • If you are accepted as an intern, you MUST go to an OAG training prior to beginning the internship. We offer this at our agency, it is usually on 5 Mondays, all in a row, hours are from 8am – 5pm. If these hours do not work for you, there are other agencies that offer the training at different times and days. HAWC is one of these agencies, there are others. You must bring the certificate that you will receive upon completion of the course, so we may add it to your file.
  • We will have a brief orientation at the beginning of your internship-we will go over policies, paperwork, etc

Our program is strictly clinical in nature. As an intern here, you will carry a caseload of 10+ clients each week, you will go to the shelter for 4-6 hours one day/week (usually during your first semester with us), and you will co-facilitate one of our groups.

You will be responsible for doing your own paperwork and getting it done promptly. You may be asked to research a particular issue that one of your clients is dealing with. You will also be asked to train on our front desk-everyone in our office must be able to step in and answer phone, greet clients, log appropriate information. That being said, many interns will never have to answer the phone, etc. However, if the receptionist is gone from her desk, we all pitch in to cover.

In group supervision, we have our interns do some presentations for the other interns and myself-these can include case diagnosis, different theories, and interns will also do a family of origin presentation during your tenure here.

Students or recent graduates interested in an internship with our organization should email a resume and cover letter to 


Minimum: Master’s degree in Social Work, Psychology, or Counseling and at least two years of experience in a social service setting. Professional certification/licensure in respective field.

Preferred: Master’s degree and licensure in Counseling or related field and three or more years of experience in a social service setting, preferably residential. Bilingual in Spanish and English.

  • Provides trauma informed care to survivors of family and sexual violence, including crisis intervention and individual, family, and group counseling.
  • Provides case management, advocacy, information, referral, and accompaniment.
  • Implements and facilitates weekly psychoeducational/support groups.
  • In compliance with funding guidelines, informally screens and identifies survivors with acute mental health needs and provides appropriate interventions and referrals.
  • In compliance with funding guidelines, informally assesses survivors for chemical dependency needs and provides appropriate information, advocacy, and referrals.
  • Maintains statistical records and service documentation to meet the needs of all funding sources, due by the 1st business day of the following month.
  • Assists survivors in developing a safety plan and setting goals for transition to a violence-free life.
  • Acts as a liaison between residential and non-residential programs.
  • Develops and maintains working relationships with other organizations providing services to survivors of family and sexual violence.
  • Participates in case discussions and attends program staff meetings.
  • Communicates special concerns about clients to supervisor.
  • Adheres to all program and agency policies as well as to all applicable professional licensing standards.
  • Provides other services in crisis and emergency situations as requested or required.
  • Attends department and MCWC staff meetings as requested by supervisor.
Counseling Manager
Normally works regularly scheduled hours as needed to meet client needs.

Outreach/ Education Coordinator

Minimum: Bachelor’s Degree in Social Service or related field and one year of experience in education, teaching, or training field.

Preferred: Master’s Degree in Social Service or related field and two years’ experience in education, teaching, or training field. Crisis intervention training or two years of experience in a non-residential crisis intervention program preferred. Bilingual in Spanish and English.

· Ensures objectives of all agency education programs are met by providing community and school-based education as well as primary prevention education.

· Ensures the requirements are met for statistical reporting of grant information generated by outreach staff and maintains accurate records of educational and community presentations and required surveys for grant reports.

· Coordinates special projects and educational endeavors by outreach staff including, but not limited to: Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM), Domestic Violence Awareness Month (DVAM) and educational seminars. Also, provides adequate promotion of such projects.

· Coordinates and evaluates outreach activities to ensure that activities are in accordance with MCWC’s policies and furthers MCWC’s mission.

· Coordinates school contacts and educational programs and professional training.

· Develops and reviews educational programs and the primary prevention curricula.

· Increases visibility of the agency on a community level through education.

· Presents materials to the community that identify strategies to address risk reduction and help eliminate risk factors as well as concerns regarding domestic violence and sexual assault.

· Develops strategies to increase community awareness of the crimes of domestic violence and sexual assault and promotes efforts to increase the effectiveness of local responses to these crimes.

· Takes on active role in committees, networking groups and/or work groups as assigned.

· Solicits, trains and monitors volunteer participation in outreach activities.

· Ensures that all outreach materials and programs are accurate, current, and age appropriate for the intended audience.

· Develops production of print material and/or multi-media presentations to generate interest in MCWC for new target audiences.

· Develops professional training and provides such training to law enforcement, medical, and social services professionals.

· Actively solicits opportunities to increase community and professional education to various organizations and community groups.

· Attends staff meetings are required.

· Any and all other duties as assigned by the Outreach Manager.

Outreach Manager

  • Monday to Friday
  • Weekend availability required on occasion

Part-Time Culinary Coordinator

  • Work authorization (Required)

Weekend Position

· Plan, organize, and coordinate the resources for efficient, well-prepared food and beverages for residents on a daily basis

· Adhere to all governmental and grantor health and safety regulations and standards in the daily storage, preparation, and serving of food:

– Ensure the use of clean food storage containers

– Ensure that all equipment and surfaces are clean and sanitary before, during and after meal preparation

– Date, label, and rotate stored, refrigerated, and frozen food

– Examine all donated and purchased items before storing and reject any unsafe or damaged food items

– Log refrigerator and freezer temperatures daily

– Promote and maintain proper personal hygiene standards

– Clean all dishes in accordance with Montgomery County Health Department guidelines

· Monitor food inventories

· Prepare non-perishable lunches for residents leaving shelter during the day

· Grocery shopping weekly

· Ensure that food is prepared and served in accordance with all governmental and/or grantor established guidelines:

– Prepare menus in accordance with governmental and grantor guidelines

– Substitute donated product when feasible

– Use recipes in accordance with grantor guidelines for process and portion preparation

– Prepare meals to accommodate special diets for medical reasons

– Create and adhere to a schedule of meal times for residential clients and ensure meals are served at posted times

· Maintain confidentiality of clients and shelter location

· Attend required trainings and in-services

· Any and all other duties as requested by the Residential Services Manager

Shelter Manager

Shift: 8 hour shift

Weekly day range: Weekend availability

Work Location: One location

Full Time Staff Attorney

  • Licensed to practice law in Texas.
  • Prior legal services, public interest, or volunteer experience serving low-income persons preferred, but not required.
  • Strong understanding of the Texas Rules of Civil Procedure and Texas Rules of Evidence.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • The ability to think and plan strategically and to develop and implement projects.
  • Possess a strong work ethic and a sense of accountability.
  • Excellent attendance record.

Those that just passed the bar are also encouraged to apply.

OVERVIEW: Montgomery County Women’s Center (MCWC) seeks a dynamic, self-starting attorney who has vision, initiative, and a demonstrated commitment to public interest law to fill a staff attorney position in its Conroe, Texas office. In addition to providing daily representation in civil legal matters, the successful candidate will demonstrate a commitment to identifying and taking advantage of opportunities for strategic advocacy and to engaging in outreach to and collaboration with low-income persons, including community groups that are made up of or serve the indigent.

DESCRIPTION: MCWC is a private nonprofit organization serving victims/survivors of family and sexual violence in the Montgomery and North Harris County communities for over 30 years. Our agency’s mission is “to lead the effort in preventing Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault through crisis intervention, assistance, advocacy, empowerment, and social change.”

DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: A staff attorney must be able to gather evidence, advise clients about their rights, draft legal documents, and conduct civil lawsuits. A staff attorney must interview clients and witnesses with cultural competence, as well as handle other tasks in representing clients. A staff attorney represents clients in court and before quasi-judicial or administrative agencies of government. The staff attorney also interprets laws, rulings, and regulations for clients and the client community. The staff attorney will provide legal assistance primarily in areas of family law, including but not limited to divorces, suits affecting the parent-child relationship, child support, protective orders, writs, property division, etc.

The staff attorney is expected to handle a caseload involving substantial litigation and other justice-related advocacy, attend legal clinics and devise and participate in community legal education programs and outreach offered by MCWC.

In fulfilling this mission, the attorney will provide high-quality representation to indigent clients in accordance with MCWC’s policies and procedures and with an attorney’s responsibilities under the Texas Disciplinary Rules of Professional Conduct, the Texas Lawyer’s Creed, and the American Bar Association’s Standards for Providers of Civil Legal Services to the Poor.

Legal Services Manager

Practice is only in Montgomery County. The office is located in Conroe, Texas. Remote work is not available.

Hours: Generally, Monday – Friday, 9 am – 5 pm

Benefits: Benefits package includes paid vacation and holidays; a retirement plan; health, dental, and life insurance.

Attorneys employed with MCWC may qualify for the Public Student Loan Forgiveness Program and the Student Loan Repayment Program.