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Community Outreach & Education

Community Outreach & Education

Our Outreach Department shares a message of safety and hope within the community. Often thought of as a family issue, domestic violence is in fact a social, business and health priority that impacts our entire community. Our Community Education program uses storytelling, lectures and interactive lessons to change societal attitudes and beliefs, end the stigma associated with DV, and help communities learn to identify and support victims.

Educating our young people about bullying is critical to preventing violence in adults, as evidenced by a 2010 study by Harvard School Of Public Health.  For the first time, research documented what many professionals had suspected for some time – children who bully are four times more likely to physically abuse their intimate partners as adults.

This speaks to the importance of breaking the silence on the topics of bullying, sexual harassment, family violence and sexual assault.  We also provide education with an emphasis on what bystanders can do to prevent violence and help victims before it’s too late. Each year, our Outreach staff addresses close to 45,000 students and members of our community!


Our Outreach Team is here to support teachers and the community as a whole. We are offering online programming via ZOOM that anyone can join. Additionally middle school, high school and college teachers can request virtual presentations to be facilitated in their online classrooms.

Additionally our POPULAR Youth Empowerment Program is available through Google Classroom.

Please contact Linda for more information at (936) 441-4044 or at LindaQ@mcwctx.org 

Presentations and Training

Our school-based programs educate students about bullying, cyber-bullying, dating violence, sexual harassment and family violence. We deliver age-appropriate information to students from grade school through college, as well as to educators and parents.

Our goal is to help victims and their loved ones realize that there are options and they don’t have to stay in an unsafe situation.

The Montgomery County Women’s Center also offers educational programs to:

o Churches
o Businesses
o Civic organizations
o Schools
o Colleges
o Community Agencies

For information or to schedule a presentation, please contact the Outreach Manager: 936.441.4044 ext. 31 or email outreach@mcwctx.org.


What People Are Saying…



Meet the Outreach Team –

Linda Quiroz (Outreach Manager) has been advocating on behalf of domestic violence survivors for the past four year. She attended Sam Houston State University and graduated in 2016 with her Bachelors in Criminal Justice. She began her career with Montgomery County Women’s Center 2016 as a sexual assault advocate and quickly learned that advocating and empowering survivors was her true passion. She joined the outreach team in an effort to be able to teach our youth and our community on sexual violence and domestic violence.




Lady Lopez is a Mexican American who earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from the University of Texas at El Paso in 2017. Her passion for advocacy began when she completed her internship at the Juvenile Justice Center in El Paso. She has been part of Montgomery County Women’s Center for over a year now, she began her time here as a member in Advocacy helping survivors with the aftermath of trauma. After one year she decided to shift focus to training and prevention and was able to join the Outreach Education team. She has loved being able to spread awareness and education about sexual and domestic violence throughout the community and is excited to continue being part of the program’s growth.




Henley Mark was first introduced to Montgomery County Women’s Center when she was hired on as an intern, while completing her Bachelors at Sam Houston State University. While majoring in Criminal Justice with a Minor in Human Services, she knew she wanted to pursue a career that empowers survivors. During her internship, she was able to work alongside Outreach and learned her passion was to educate and spread awareness to the community and youth about domestic and sexual violence. Henley joined the Outreach team in early 2022 and is looking forward to furthering her career at the Montgomery County Women’s Center through training and teaching the community.




Special Programs



Salon professionals are in a unique position to recognize the signs and symptoms of abuse in their clients and co-workers. Because of the intimate and nurturing nature of the relationship between salon professionals and their clients and co-workers, salon professionals can often spot signs of physical abuse that others may never see.

Research shows that most battered women never call the police or go to a shelter. However, they do usually talk about the abuse with someone they trust. Because salon professionals are skilled and experienced listeners who are personally interested in those around them, many victims suffering from abuse feel comfortable confiding in them – even if they would never tell anyone else. For an abused woman, the salon may be an ideal environment to seek out help because it may be one of the few places she is allowed to go without her abuser.

With proper training on how to recognize the signs of abuse and safely refer victims to help, salon professionals can become invaluable and influential community partners in the fight against domestic abuse.



Escalation is a powerful, emotionally-engaging 90-minute film based workshop that educates your community about relationship violence and empowers you to work for change. Escalation illuminates the warning signs of an unhealthy and potentially dangerous relationship. Repeatedly described as “eye-opening” yet “deeply recognizable,” Escalation makes relationship abuse personal, causing participants to ask “What can I do to change this?” (This is a curriculum developed by the ONE LOVE FOUNDATION).


Montgomery County Women’s Center is proud to offer extended formatting to be able to discuss issue of interpersonal violence that our community faces. We are able to come screen and provide facilitation at your location for a variety of films including:

  • The Hunting Ground: Sexual Assault on College Campuses, Rape Culture, Title IX, Effects of SA on Survivors, Families and the Community.
  • Audrey and Daisy: Sexual Assault in High Schools, The Role of Social Media & Technology
  • A Girl Like Her: Bullying, Teen Suicide, Bystanders, The Role of Social Media & Technology, Effects of Bullying & Suicide on Survivors, Families and the Community.
  • The Mask You Live In: Masculinity in America, Teens/ Boys Facing Their Emotions, Advertising/ Media, Gender Stereotypes, Being an Ally to Young Men.
  • Miss Representation: Femininity in America, Advertising/ Media, Gender Stereotypes, Being an Ally to Young Women.
  • The Invisible War: Sexual Assault in the Military, Rape Culture, Institutional Violence, Effects of SA on Survivors, Families and the Community.
  • Hidden Victims: The Effects of Family Violence on Children, Cycle of Abuse, Generational Cycle of Violence, Being an Ally for Children, Supporting Families Experiencing Domestic Violence.

MCWC Awareness Campaigns


MCWC is a sponsor of the Clothesline Project! This is a visual display project used to address the issue of violence against women. It is a vehicle for women affected by violence to express their emotions by decorating a shirt. They then hang the shirt on a clothesline to be viewed by others as testimony to the problem of violence against women. In an effort to increase awareness we have hosted displays at many agencies all across Montgomery County.