24-Hour Crisis Hotline


Our Services

Emergency Shelter

For immediate shelter access call the 24-hour Crisis Hotline at: 936.441.7273.

Collect calls are accepted.

Our shelter provides a safe, secure and confidential refuge for up to 30 days. We strive to make the transition to our non-violent, supportive environment as seamless as possible.

At the Montgomery County Women’s Center, we believe in the right of all persons to live without fear, abuse, oppression and violence. We recognize the strength and courage it takes to begin the process of healing from all types of abuse, including physical, psychological, sexual, economic, and spiritual. In order to heal, we provide survivors an opportunity to experience a safe, secure, and supportive environment to regain their personal strength and restore their lives.

The staff and volunteers at the Montgomery County Women’s Center are committed to a culture of kindness that puts compassion into practice in the following ways:

  • We listen to survivors to identify and address fears and apprehensions.
  • We communicate in a respectful manner that is free of victim blaming.
  • We work cooperatively to identify the survivors’ immediate needs and encourage the utilization of personal strengths to overcome obstacles.
  • We empower survivors to make informed personal choices by offering education, options, and resources.
  • We promote non-violent solutions when interpersonal problems arise.
  • We model healthy relationships by respecting boundaries and the inherent right of self-determination.

With a guiding vision of empowerment, we acknowledge that survivors are the experts of their own lives. Therefore, at the Montgomery County Women’s Center, we strive to facilitate the journey from surviving to thriving.

Family violence and sexual assault are nondiscriminatory, and victim/survivors come from all cultures and beliefs. We provide a broad range of direct services to victim/survivors. Our shelter services are provided at no cost.