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The Montgomery County Women’s Center Youth Advisory Committee (YAC) started in 2017.  MCWC acknowledges that youth are experts in their own lives and are key in developing solutions to the health issues in their lives. The primary function of the YAC is to recognize youth as valuable stakeholders and included them in the development, implementation, and evaluation of programming that our agency is delivering in schools and in the community.

Youth receive volunteer hours for their participation in the committee. Hours are gained by attending meetings, planning and hosting events, hosting online social media takeovers, assisting MCWC staff at community events, attending workshops, etc. Recommendation letters can be written for committee members at their request, outlining the work they have done with the committee and the total number of hours they have participated in the committee.


The committee will meet monthly during the school year. It is our goal to continue keeping youth engaged throughout the summer with programs, film screenings and workshops. Meetings will consist of activities including:

  • Film Screenings/ Discussions/ Creating Discussion Guides for youth and adults for each film
  • Youth led initiatives that they can take to their campus/ community for implementation (Positive Post It Campaign, Flyer/ Poster Campaigns, PSA’s, TDVAM, DVAM, SAAM, etc)
  • Programming/ Workshops to help youth learn more about relationship violence, root causes of violence, promoting healthy relationship behaviors, violence prevention, etc.
  • Youth will assist in reviewing and critiquing current programming that the Outreach Team is implementing. Ideas from the youth for improvements will be noted and worked into existing programming.

The meetings and projects are designed to accomplish the following:

  • Promote dialogue with area youth
  • Advise MCWC on current issues of importance concerning the youth
  • Assist youth in recognizing and preventing gender based violence
  • Support youth to become leaders/agents of change in their community
  • Encourage a violence-free lifestyle among youth
  • Bring awareness to peers regarding relationship violence


  • Violence Issues – teen dating violence, gender based violence, school violence, date rape, personal safety
  • Relational Issues – respect, peer pressure, conflict resolution, healthy communication, decision making, teen/adult relationships
  • Gender and Media Issues – gender stereotypes, gender expectations, media and violence


The committee is open to all high school and college students.


Chasity Williams, Community Outreach Manager
(936) 441-4044 x: 39


Meetings are currently being held virtually. Please contact Chasity Williams for more information.


YAC Project: “Teens Talk Healthy Relationships” (2018)

The MCWC’s Youth Advisory Committee interviewed high school and college students about the dynamics of healthy & unhealthy relationships.

YAC Project: “Pain Persists” (2020)

The MCWC’s Youth Advisory Committee has written, filmed, and produced a short film representing the dynamics of teen dating violence.