Continuous Quality Improvement Team

Since 1982, our agency has grown from a small grassroots movement called the Montgomery County Rape Crisis Coalition to a much larger agency, the Montgomery County Women’s Center, which reflects the needs of the community through programming for family and sexual violence survivors.  We have established best practices that promote a high standard of service. Through these years, management and staff have focused on the questions: “How are we doing?” and “Can we do it better?”  This inquisitive approach has encouraged us to:

  1. Plan for improvements
  2. Implement the improvements
  3. Determine if the improvements are doing what we want
  4. Make changes to the improvements and identify new ones

Our Continuous Quality Improvement Team has been a unifying force within the agency.  Ownership of and responsibility for our agency’s success is in the hands of management, staff, volunteers, and clients. The CQI meetings allow for participant communication to be open and honest while recognizing a department’s strengths and needs, and action plans are developed to be taken back to the department’s staff for review, input, and implementation.  The CQI Team’s mission is to go beyond quality assurance by identifying and implementing quality improvements that exceed expectations.